Bio, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare




LAWFIRM CLASS LLC.’s Healthcare Team is composed of experts from relevant regulatory agencies such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the Health Insurance Review Agency and the National Health Insurance Corporation etc. In carrying out various legal issues, licensing, and registration tasks that occur in the health and medical field of Korea, it is not only the legal knowledge and experience that has been accumulated so far, but also various administrative work experience in the health and medical field, a wide human network, and the collection of new information. Based on this, we provide prompt and differentiated legal services to protect and guarantee client values and interests as much as possible.

Key Services

CLASS provides the following services in relation to Healthcare & Life Science practice:

1) Litigation
Administrative dispositions and sanctions on unlawful profits, business suspension, suspension of license (appeal, administrative judgment, litigation)
Damages claim, civil litigation
drugs criminal litigation

2) Filling for licenses and permits
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approval
New Health Technology Assessment
Price determination and adjustment of drugs and medical requirement
Advice on legislation and amendment of regulation
Advice on lawsuit related to healthcare

3) Response to legal advice and administrative investigations to health care institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies
Advice on medical laws, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, medical device
Advice on protecting and managing Intellectual property
Advice on fair trade and rebate
Advice on establishment and operation of health institutions
Advice on M&A of health institutions
Participation and support of investigations for health care institutions